Sunday, November 28, 2010

Favorite Trees

I have almost always had a favorite tree. I am not sure why, but at some point I grew an affinity for a tree (that has since been cut down) right outside my bedroom window. I would take pictures of it as it changed through out the seasons. I would look at it and think about whether I should date the skater boy with the brown hair or the one with the red. I would listen to Love Phones on Z100 and think about what I would do if I were in THAT situation. I would always look at it before shutting my blinds to change out of my towel. I really must have looked at it every day.

I loved that tree and watched it intently. The most exciting day for that tree was when the rain came down so fast one frigid winter evening that it froze right on the branches and weighed them down so they stretched soo far and wide, it looked like they would just crack. But they didn't. I am sure the structure of the tree changed, but it did not crack. Totally impressed. I picked a good tree to like.

I have some new trees that I like. While walking to school, Calvin and I walk past what has been one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood even before we owned this house we are in. We were mere renters. I didn't know this tree would become the one (thinking about it now, it is really more of a bush). But I do really like this tree.

It has been there the whole time (what an exact measurement). I don't think anyone can say the same for much else.

My son has made note of my tree love and remembered that I now have 2 favorite trees to note. There is a small weeping willow a few houses down that we walk past. I did mention one time that it was a favorite (especially in the fall) and he responded with, "Now you have 2 favorite trees!"

My realization: He is keeping track and adding 1+1 correctly. Amazing.

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